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Daniel Bongard

- Primary & Secondary School Teacher
- Physical Education & Sports Teacher
- Body Centered Breath Therapist IKP
- Body Centered Psychotherapist IKP​

- WATSU & WATA practitioner
- Certified Aquatic Bodyworker

- Oceanic Bodywork Aqua practitioner
- Liquid Flow Teacher
- Ai Chi Teacher

Student of:
- Healing Dance, since 1998
- Prenatal Journey, 2007
- Dolphin Dance, since 2012

- Spending first 45 years in Switzerland, being mainly a high school teacher and during the last 10 years also an Aquatic Bodyworker
- Since 2004 living and growing in the International Township of Auroville, South India (intentional/spiritual community)
- Working as water therapist at Quiet Healing Center, Auroville, India
- Teaching Liquid Flow Basic & Liquid Flow Essence courses
- Co-teaching process work as part of the Watsu India training program

German, English, French
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