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Dance Offering

The ground belief:
Everyone can dance regardless age, sex, size, flexibility or previous experience!
Offering a space to explore our own unique movement, improvisation and contact with others. Together we create the freedom and possibility to simply be in the stillness of the moment and allowing each person to be spontaneously moved by an inner pull, the music or perhaps inspired by a movement of another body. Dancing a wave, discovering on our own and as a group. Moving towards an empowered, radiating stillness.
Objectives of this sessions include:
- letting the inner children play
- providing space for being rather than doing
- inviting awareness into the present moment, the only moment
- developing nonverbal, bodily communication
- expanding our inner and outer boundaries
- building trust
- freeing the busy mind by freeing the body
- expressing the sleeping creativity
- celebrating this wonderful human experience
No advance registration needed!
(Free improvisation & contact)​





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