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Woga is the union of two words: water and yoga. It is based on classic yoga poses and stretches modified for warm water .
Thanks to the absence of gravity the water sweetens movements, unblocks the articulations, lengthens and melts muscles, removes the negative tensions, prevents stress, insomnia and anxiety. Practicing yoga in the water is an excellent core muscles awareness practice as well.
Because of water support and temperature the intensity of asanas/positions and movements are automatically adapted to the level of each student, making it appropriate for the beginners and advanced practitioners. Due to minimized pressure on the joint, even people with for ex. Knee injuries etc. can easily practice & benefit from asanas in the water.
Classes include breathing, warm-up exercises, a series of poses, and a relaxation period in the water and on land.
We practice ideally in the water of 32 to 34 degrees Celsius; when the water is colder than this, we need to include more aerobic fun in between to build up body temperature.
Focus of WOGA 1 are asanas in the water (standing, at the wall, floating and under water).
The program of WOGA 2 is adding pranayama, meditation and eutony (experiencing body as a whole & balancing tension in the body, moving with ease and in tune with surrounding)

Prerequisite: no previous experience required. You do not need to know how to swim.
Woga 1 & 2 is an experiential class and  a requirement for the 6 days Woga instructor course. It is recognized by WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) and gives 12 supplementary hours of credit for registration with WABA .

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